Airplane Engine



Air conditioning systems
Aircraft electronic equipment and critical software 
Aircraft information systems and data management 
Auxiliary power units (APU)
Cabin and Cargo Liners
Cabin electronics and components
Cabin Monuments
Cargo containers and pallets
Cockpit solutions
Commercial aircraft engines
Crew rests
Crew seats
Elastomer products
Electric motors 
Electrical components and wiring
Electrical distribution systems
Electrical energy storage systems
Electrical inserts
Electrical interconnection systems (wiring)
Electro-mechanical actuation
Emergency arresting systems
Emergency evacuation systems 
Engine starting systems
Engineering services
Flight control systems
Flotation and inflatable systems
Fluid management systems
Fuel management systems
Galley equipment
Ground solutions for space systems 
Guidance and seekers
Helicopter engines
High-performance optics
Hybrid/Electrical propulsion systems
In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity
Instrumentation, testing and mission recorders 
Integrated cabin interiors
Landing gear
Landing systems
Lighting and windshield wiper solutions
Mechanical power transmissions
Military aircraft engines
Nacelles and thrust reversers
Navigation and sensors
Optronic (electro-optical) equipment and sights
Overhead bins
Oxygen systems
Parachutes and protective equipment
Passenger seats
Passenger Service Unit 
Power generation systems
Power management systems
Soldier modernization solutions
Space propulsion
Structural Composites
Test cells
Turbojet engines for military aircraft
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
Ventilation equipment
Water and waste management systems
Wheels and brakes