Robinson 66 Parts


A022-4 Compass Assy., 28V

A039-19 Position Light Assy., LED, LH, 28V

A039-20 Position Light Assy., LED, RH, 28V

A041-10 Pin

A045-2 Diode Assy.

A064-4 Chronometer Assy., 28V

A072-8 Clock Assy., 28V

A072-13 Clock Assy., 28V

A101-4 Rod End, Male

A102-4 Rod End, Female (See B345-4)

A105-3 Journal, Bearing

A105-5 Journal, Bearing

A105-6 Journal, Bearing

A105-7 Journal, Bearing

A105-12 Journal, Bearing

A105-14 Journal, Bearing

A115-1 Spacer

A120-5 Bellcrank Assy.

A127-3 Rod End, Male

A127-4 Rod End, Male

A130-4 Spacer

A130-6 Spacer

A130-8 Spacer

A130-13 Spacer

A130-14 Spacer

A130-18 Spacer

A130-21 Spacer

A130-28 Spacer

A130-33 Spacer

A130-34 Spacer

A130-36 Spacer

A130-37 Spacer

A130-38 Spacer

A130-39 Spacer

A130-40 Spacer

A130-41 Spacer

A130-42 Spacer

A130-43 Spacer

A130-44 Spacer

A130-45 Spacer

A130-47 Spacer

A130-48 Spacer

A130-50 Spacer

A130-54 Spacer

A137-1 Spacer

A139-1 Journal, Bearing

A141-3 Washer

A141-7 Washer

A141-8 Washer

A141-10 Washer

A141-11 Washer

A141-14 Washer

A141-16 Washer

A141-17 Washer

A141-18 Washer

A141-19 Washer

A141-20 Washer

A141-21 Washer

A141-27 Washer

A141-36 Washer

A141-37 Washer

A141-40 Washer

A142-1 Screw

A142-3 Screw

A191-1 Block

A205-7 Fork Assy.

A210-1 Key

A214-3 Washer

A214-6 Washer

A214-10 Thrust Washer

A214-11 Thrust Washer

A214-12 Washer

A215-008 O-Ring

A215-009 O-Ring

A215-013 O-Ring

A215-015 O-Ring

A215-016 O-Ring .

A215-017 O-Ring

A215-020 O-Ring

A215-024 O-Ring

A215-025 O-Ring

A215-027 O-Ring

A215-110 O-Ring

A215-123 O-Ring

A215-128 O-Ring

A215-133 O-Ring

A215-140 O-Ring

A215-149 O-Ring

A215-152 O-Ring

A226-2 Seal, Door (Requires 11 ft. per door) 2.15/ft

A226-3 Seal, Vent Door (Requires 3 ft. per door) 1.55/ft

A226-4 Seal 4.75/ft

A226-6 Seal 2.15/ft

A226-7 Seal 1.95/ft

A226-9 Molding (See A226-11 or A226-15)

A226-10 Seal 4.25/ft

A226-11 Trim 1.70/ft

A226-15 Trim 2.00/ft

A228-1 Hinge Assy.

A228-2 Hinge Assy.

A231-1 Plug Assy

A231-10 Plug Assy.

A246-3 Spacer

A255-1 Counter Weight

A255-2 Counter Weight

A255-3 Counter Weight

A257-1 Moly Grease (14.4 oz. tube)

A257-2 Gear Oil (Gallon)

A257-2LT Gear Oil (Liter/Quart)

A257-3 Grease Cartridge (14 oz.)

A257-4 Oil, A.T.F., Dexron III/Mercon (Quart)

A257-5 Grease Cartridge (14 oz.)

A257-6 Grease, Fuel Resistant (16 oz. can)

A257-7 Dry Film Lube (Quart)

A257-8 Rubber Lube (Pint)

A257-9 Anti-Seize (16 oz. can)

A257-12 Mobilgrease 28 Cartridge (13.4 oz.)

A257-12.1OZ Grease (1 oz. bottle)

A257-15 Hydraulic Fluid (Quart)

A257-16 Engine Oil (Quart)

A257-18 O-Ring Lube (5.3 oz. tube)

A257-19 Valve Lube & Sealant (5.3 oz. tube)

A257-19.25OZ Valve Lube & Sealant (.25 oz.)

A257-20 Pag Oil (8.45 oz. can)

A257-21 Petrolatum Lube (16 oz.)

A257-22QT Gear Oil, Synthetic (Quart)

A257-23 Turbine Oil (Quart)

A262-1 Fitting

A267-1 Washer

A318-1-2 Bearing Block Set

A321-16 Pin

A321-21 Tube

A321-22 Collar

A325-1 Arm

A325-3 Arm

A331-4 Bellcrank Assy.

A332-2 Lever

A333-1 Stop, Collective

A336-8 Tube

A339-1 Spacer

A340-1 Spacer

A341-1 Spacer

A356-2 Hinge

A359-1 Support, LH

A359-2 Support, RH

A365-11 Channel

A371-3 Stiffener

A412-1 Cover

A412-3 Cover

A414-1 Angle, LH

A414-2 Angle, RH

A425-7 Arm

A425-13 Angle

A425-17 Arm Assy.

A425-19 Clip

A431-1 Knob

A431-2 Knob

A448-1 Bus Bar

A448-3 Bus Bar

A448-4 Bus Bar

A448-9 Bus Bar

A448-10 Bus Bar

A448-14 Bus Bar

A448-15 Bus Bar

A448-16 Bus Bar

A448-17 Bus Bar

A448-18 Bus Bar

A453-7 Plate

A453-8 Plate

A456-1 Drain

A457-1 Tee

A457-2 Wye

A457-7 Elbow

A457-20 Plug

A462-4 Fitting

A478-1 Spring Washer

A478-2 Spring Washer, Belleville

A479-1 Plate Assy. 33.75

A479-2 Ring 10.50

A486-2 Screw 14.50

A497-1 Washer 33.50

A499-2 Knob, Cyclic Friction 41.75

A521-2 Switch Assy.

A522-10 Control Cable, Fuel Cutoff

A522-11 Control Cable, Fuel Valve

A522-14 Control Cable, Cabin Heat

A553-1 Block

A553-3 Block

A556-1 Door Lock, Set

A558-2 Cover

A569-11 Warning Unit Assy., Low RPM

A590-4 Cover Plate, Radar Altimeter

A590-5 Plate Assy., Radar Altimeter

A596-1 Elbow Fitting (Includes nut)

A601-1 Grip

A601-3 Grip

A601-5 Grip

A602-1 Rate of Climb Indicator

A610-1 Filler Vent Plug

A613-1 Altimeter, in. Hg

A613-2 Altimeter, Mil.

A640-2 Screen

A647-2 Ball Bearing

A648-1 Bearing

A653-2 Mount

A654-3 Decal, "Danger" Arrow, TR

A654-6 Decal, "Throttle Open

A654-7 Decal, "Friction Increase" Coll.

A654-9 Decal, "Open" Inside LH Door

A654-10 Decal, "Open" Inside RH Door

A654-11 Decal, "Open" Outside RH Door

A654-12 Decal, "Open" Outside LH Door

A654-14 Decal, “DME”

A654-16 Decal, "Headset"

A654-17 Decal, “No Smoking”

A654-18 Decal, "Level Here"

A654-21 Decal, "No Stowage Keep Area Clear

A654-25 Decal, "Never Pull Down Push Up

A654-38 Decal, "Push To Open"

A654-45 Decal, "Fuel Control Guard

A654-81 Decal, "Warning: Grip Firmly

A654-85 Decal, "Danger Tail Rotor" (

A654-94 Decal, “Danger Hot Exhaust”

A655-1 Time Delay

A667-7 Skid Shoe, Straight

A667-8 Skid Shoe, Curved

A677-4 Boot, Cyclic Stick

A678-3 Boot Assy., Collective

A684-1 Strap

A684-3 Strap

A684-4 Strap

A687-2 P.A./Siren Control

A688-1 Switch

A697-6 Tab

A701-1 Foil Tape (180 ft. per roll)

A701-1.5FT Foil Tape (5 ft. per roll)

A701-2 Foil Tape (180 ft. per roll)

A701-3 Polyethylene Tape (54 ft. per roll)

A701-4 Vinyl Tape (108 ft. per roll)

A701-5 Polyethylene